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Join us and you will attain unique personal and professional rewards from practicing the most effective method of physical fitness, personal protection, and individual development through the lifelong mastery process.

Our Duty as Professional Instructors is to educate, demonstrate, train, and transfer effective, life-saving, personal protection skills to our students that can be validated and maintained through continued training and conditioning. Our system and standard are based upon the ultimate reality and lethality of the Edged Weapon, and we must in turn provide the skills to survive a lethal encounter, nothing less, ever.

DUTY: (1) a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility (2) a task or action that someone is required to perform

WHY – The Result of the Effective technique against the opponent and opponents’ strikes

HOW – Combined Footwork and Striking Mechanics to execute the technique

WHEN – The Timing of the Strike

WHERE – The Range of the Strike

WHAT – The type of Strike, Weapon, Angle, Energy and Manipulation

As a PTKGO Instructor, you will be able to identify, instruct, and demonstrate through realistic execution, the five (5) components of effective technique application:

All Certified Instructors and Authorized Instructors are recognized Affiliates of the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Global Organization and conduct uniform training and instruction in accordance with the professional standards and practices of PTKGO that ensures safe, effective training and personal achievement for all students worldwide.

Authorized Instructors are instructors that are granted authorization to represent and teach the Pekiti-Tirsia system in accordance with the three (3) PTK-SMF system standards (technical, tactical, and instructional) while training and attaining the required advanced knowledge and skills for Certification as a PTKGO Professional Instructor.

Certified Instructors are recognized professional instructors that have been awarded a traditional Guro rank and title; Lakan Guro, Guro, and Mataas na Guro. Certified instructors then progress to the distinguished ranks of Magino’o (Elder) and Tuhon (Master) in the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system. 

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The PTKGO Instructor Cadre is comprised of Certified Instructors and Authorized Instructors.

PTKGO Instructors are Professional Trainers and Recognized Leaders who demonstrate, instruct, train, and transfer the most effective personal protection skills available. Among PTKGO Instructors are distinguished members from varied professions including business, academia, medical, sports, media, information technology, government, members of federal, state, and local law enforcement, and, active and reserve members of the Armed Forces.

If you want to bring this ability to your own personal skills, or to your school or organization, you will achieve it here. The CPI Program will deliver and train you in (1) Knowledge, (2) Fundamental Skills, and (3) Methods of Training and Instruction that result in immediate added value, understanding, and ability to your skills. Understand that all of your previous certifications, training, and experience is valuable and relevant, as it provides the foundation ability to logically analyze martial systems and methods, observe the similarities based upon the human form and function, and determine the true effectiveness and advantage of each method. You will continue to learn, train, and teach progressively through the system as you continuously add superior skills to your personal ability and your students.

Safe. Realistic. Effective. If the system and training method does not develop true effective combat and personal protection skill Realistically and Safely at the same time, it is a fundamental failure.  The Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia System uses the same methodology as the Military throughout history; train individuals in effective combat skills by controlled precision of the inherent risks, the applied forces of offense and counter-offense, realistically and safely so that the individual can execute and accomplish the mission. 

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