What makes the Pekiti-Tirsia system work, How it works, and Why it is effective.

Human Body Mechanics, Mathematical Geometry, Maneuver Warfare Doctrine


Correct Body Mechanics for Footwork Movement and Maneuver with Speed and Agility also give you an aerobic workout every time you train for Lifelong Health. PTK-SMF contains 12 methods of Striking Mechanics – every manipulation and method of striking possible with Weaponry and Empty-Hands.


Geometry and Judgement Skills of Distance, Timing, and Pattern Recognition – the skills that must be developed and applied for any martial art technique to be effective. Only the Sword & Impact Weapon allows you to see the actual Lines of Direction of your Movement and Striking. Geometry measures Distance to control the Range, measures the Timing of Strikes to stay Ahead of Time and on the Attack, and Recognize the Pattern of fast and powerful Strikes to avoid and attack effectively with your own strikes.


Maneuver Warfare Doctrine –Attack with the Advantages of Speed and Timing or from a Superior Position. Offensive Maneuver and control of the Timing, Striking Position, or both.

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