with PTK-SMF Online

PTK-SMF offers the most detailed video instructional presentations of the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System available online from Day-1 introductory training to the most advanced tactics, techniques, and methods of training and skill evaluation.

  • Subscribe to a Level of Online Training and Resources
  • Locate an Instructor to attend Class or schedule Private Training
  • Search the Calendar for Seminars, Training Camps, and other Special Events
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Trained by beginners and every level of experienced practitioners of Martial Art, PTK- SMF is valuable to your entire family. We have proven that at any age and condition you can exercise your mind and body with correct body mechanics, develop precise skills, and validate your effective performance. Your personal reward will be greater personal confidence every hour of training as you discover there is no plateau to your ability to improve your knowledge and skill.

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