What is Range in the Fight?

Range is Distance. Range is not identified by Kicking, Punching, Trapping, or Grappling “range” – this is identification of mutual range – the exact distance where you never want to be. 

Range is identified by the Distance to the threat/opponent as you 

  • Initiate the fight and 
  • Dynamically move and maneuver to effectively strike the threat/opponent and 
  • Protect yourself from their strikes and attacks. 

There are two (2) methods of action for all Fights – Striking and Footwork. 

The objective and skill in fighting is to Control the Range and Distance of the Fight. This is accomplished by Footwork, Movement, and Maneuver. Range is not accomplished by striking and the footwork instructed secondary, if any. 

Range and Distance is executed and controlled by an independent Footwork system of fluid movement and maneuver that allows you to attack with any of the striking methods of the system as you Attack and Bridge the Distance between you and the opponent, Close-with and Defeat or Destroy, or, Fix and Finish the threat/opponent from a Position of Advantage. 

The Truths of Range and Distance

The Safe distances in any Fight are Long and Close Range. The Distance between long and close range is the Bridge. 

The Bridge is the Distance where the effective fight is executed-where you move, maneuver, strike and attack the threat/opponent without being hit. 

Strike through the opponent, never strike to the opponent. If you strike to the opponent you are in mutual striking distance.

Three (3) Ranges of Combat

Long-Close-Extreme Close-Quarters

  • Long Range: your head and torso are off-line and outside of opponents striking distance
  • Close-Quarters: you are inside the opponents hand or hand-held striking distance 
  • Extreme Close-Quarters: you strike and step through the opponents physical position

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