What is Timing in the Fight?

Timing is not made effective by means of movement time, initiation time, and or reaction time, as taught by martial arts today. These are based upon stimulus-response or action-reaction models and do not identify effective action-times of Equal, Behind, and Ahead. 

Equal, Behind, and Ahead of Time are the action times for effective Attacking and Striking in combat and fighting.

Effective Action-Time is developed from the ability to visually judge and physically strike and attack with Equal Timing first. 

This is only possible with Weaponry. 

Equal Timing is the means to effectively judge and decide how and where to strike First and attack Ahead of Time, when you can Equal the Time and Strike of the opponents attack to effectively protect yourself, and judge when the opponent has attacked first, that you are initially Behind Time, but that you can still move and effectively strike first. 

The objective skills of Timing in every fight is to (1) Gain the Timing- Initiate the Fight, (2) Equal the Timing, and (3) Break the Timing with Broken Rhythm manipulations of striking and footwork.

Judgement Skills
Range-Timing-Pattern Recognition

Spatial (Range and Distance) and Temporal (Timing) Judgement and Decisiveness is the essence of fighting and combat, and successful physical action, decision-making and problem-solving of almost any kind.

The third Judgement Skill that is essential and necessary to judge Range/Distance and Timing, is Pattern Recognition. Pattern Recognition is accomplished through the direct use and visualization of Geometry and measurement of direction, distance, speed, and rate of motion. 

Pattern Recognition of the opponents Movement, Striking, and other actions, is required for combined effective Range and Timing to Attack the Attack of the threat/opponent and offensively Attack to Defend. 

This is only possible by Training and developing Combat Skills with Weaponry first. 

The historical truth is that all Martial Art systems-all combat skills with striking weapons, missile and ballistic weapons, including all the natural weapons of the body or “empty-hands” together with the strategy and tactics of warfare, combat, and the close-fight were trained first with Weaponry-with an Advantage, and then simultaneously thereafter. 

The Edged Weapon, the Sword, Knife, Spear is the superior method of instruction and development of correct physical body mechanics for: 

  • Striking and Footwork. Striking with all hand-held weapons, the Hand-Blade, and Footwork.
  • Fire and Movement. Use of individual Firearms and Movement to close-with and kill the threat/enemy.
  • Firepower and Maneuver. Employ all methods and means of Firepower and Maneuver for Advantage, Superiority, and Overmatch to prevail in the fight and ensure victory and success.

“Empty-Hands” martial art styles and their ineffective “Weapon Defenses” are products of post-World War II commercial martial art businesses. All Martial Art systems and styles from every culture and origin possess specific weaponry, although these may not be known or practiced today.

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